About Us

Alan Wire Company began in 1974 as a small bare copper manufacturer serving the utility and electrical wholesale markets with copper grounding products. Over the last 40 years, the company has grown to be recognized a reliable source for 600 volt copper building wire products, manufacturing THHN, TFFN, TFN, MTW, as well as other application specific copper wires. In 2008, Alan Wire began manufacturing 600 volt tray cable for circuit controls and power cable, offering up to 500MCM – 3C with a ground. As recently as 2016, Alan Wire added single conductor XHHW and THHN in aluminum as well as aluminum UD Cable and service entrance cable.

Alan Wire today operates in roughly five hundred thousand square feet of space between two production facilities, warehouse distribution, and post production packaging. The company is family owned and operated, as it has been since 1974. Responsive customer service and a focus on lasting relationships are two reasons why people continually rely on Alan Wire for their wire and cable needs.

We are proud to be an American manufacturer located in Sikeston, Missouri and committed to our customers, our surrounding economic area, and most of all, those that rely on Alan Wire as an employer in the Southeast Missouri Region. We look forward to continued growth in the years to come and are excited to continually bring opportunity to our local community.

Please contact us directly or reach out to the appropriate sales representative in your area. We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.