Bare Copper Tinned


Solid soft tinned copper wires are used primarily in applications involving current flow, corrosion resistance, or the need to solder the wire to some component. The addition of a tin coating facilitates the soldering process with only a small price differential over bare copper. A tin coating is also desirable in applications where operating temperatures exceed 100ºC up to 150ºC. At such temperatures the corrosion resistance of bare copper declines and the tin coating acts to protect the surface of the bare copper. The standard minimum thickness of tin coating is 40 micro-inches.

Standards & Specifications

  • ASTM B33-81
  • Bare conductor prior to coating meets ASTM B-1-81, B2-82, or B3-74
  • ARRA 2009 Section 1605 “Buy American” Compliant
Conductor Overall Diameter Inches    
Size (AWG) Stranding Individual Strand Size Nominal Minimum Maximum Max Resistance OHM/MFt 68ºF Bare Wt./MFt
2 Solid 0.2576 0.2576 0.2550 0.2653 0.1641 200.9
2/0 19 0.0837 0.4180 0.4138 0.4305 0.043 410.9
4/0 19 0.1147 0.5280 0.5227 0.5438 0.0524 653.3