Alan Wire’s copper package includes items for commercial construction, grounding, utility specific, and industrial power and control applications.

Building Wire
Alan Wire manufactures THHN in all colors with sizes ranging from #12 to 750MCM. Other copper building wires include TFFN, TFN, XHHW, and MTW

Bare Copper
Bare copper is available in solid and stranded configurations and in a range of tempers from soft drawn to hard drawn.

Tray Cable
Control cable is available in #18 through #10 and up to 7 conductors. Power cable with a bare ground is available from #12 through 500MCM. Both control cable and power cable are stocking items.

Utility Wire
In addition to bare copper for grounding, riser wire, covered line wire, and tracer wire are available for more utility specific applications.

Specialty Wire
Cathodic protection cable can be manufactured in a range of sizes and colors for cathodic protection systems.