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“Easy to do business with” may seem trite or even naive but at Alan Wire it’s the strategy and reality that keeps us grounded. It means direct answers, doing what we say we’ll do, little or no red tape and, obviously, consistent quality. To borrow a few words from Bob Garrett, “in a world of consolidation and corporate complications, Alan Wire is about relationships and reliability. We’re here to stay, we’re investing in the future- and we believe in rolling up our sleeves and taking care of customers.“

SCOTT KEENANRegional Sales Manager

How We Got Here

If you ask Alan Keenan, founder and President of Alan Wire, about the history of the company, and how it grew from an operation in the family garage to one that serves customers around the country, he’ll probably say he’s ‘not sure’.

“For me personally it started with guidance and encouragement from my father, and he kept it pretty simple: work hard, treat people fairly - and remember to keep a smile on your face.“

Mr. Keenan still promotes that philosophy with every new employee at the company. And while his sons Scott and Jonathan and the other members of the executive team have helped foster tremendous growth and attract expertise, they all adhere to the same ideals of common courtesy and common sense that are at the core of the company.

Roots in common courtesy and common sense

Located in the middle of the United States - and just one day’s drive from over 60% of its population - Sikeston, Missouri is the kind of community where things like courtesy and mutual respect seem as natural as baseball, bar-b-que and putting in a honest day’s work.

At Alan Wire we’ve built those values into our culture, along with a large dose of common sense. They have a big influence in the way we treat our people, interact with customers, make products and plan the future of our business.

650,000+ Sq Ft

350 Employees

24/5 Production

You may notice several of our team share the same last name.

Alan Keenan and son Jonathan Keenan

Our company founder Alan Keenan, pictured here with his sons Jonathan (R) and Scott (L), is proud the family tradition continues. He’s also confident about the future because of the exceptional team that drives every aspect of the business.


Our success is grounded in the technical excellence provided by our remarkable team of engineers.

Sales Team

Knowledgeable and personable, our sales team provides our clients with the service they deserve.


We deliver superior production thanks to our devoted team and state-of-the-art facilities.

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We believe that a fulfilling career is one that challenges you to do your best and rewards you for your successes and achievements. At Alan Wire, we offer dynamic work environment that provides employees the tools they need to perform at their highest level and offers the opportunities for them to grow and flourish both professionally and personally.