Scott Keenan, Regional Sales Manager, has announced that by spring 2021 the company will be shipping all THHN products as slick wire. “We were already there with many of our THHN products and all of our aluminum wire, but we’ll complete the conversion process with installation of slick casings on our circuit sized products” he said.

When asked about the move, Mr. Keenan said “like a lot of things here, it was a result of listening to the marketplace. We had customers asking for slick wire in 10, 12, and 14 gauge THHN, and when your customers speak, you need to listen and respond as best you can.”

AW engineer Hunter Seyer has been working closely with suppliers to ensure the process is seamless. “We like to do things right the first time, so we’ve worked to ensure everything is in-place for a manufacturing change that is in-line with our commitment to quality. We’ve worked with all our suppliers to get the chemical consistency, the right feel and a very consistent look” he said. We’re down to a couple tweaks but should be cycling over to all-slick wire by mid-February with full implementation this spring.”

Scott Keenan added “the friction-reducing properties in slick wire mean less time, less cost on the job site. Implementing changes like this is wired into our DNA. We always want to stay small enough to listen to customers – but big enough to have the resources needed to respond” he said.

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